Aggeneys Solar

South Africa

The Aggeneys solar energy facility is a 46MW solar PV facility situated near the small town of Aggeneys in the Khai Ma Local Municipality, within the Namakwa District Municipality. There are three main towns (Aggeneys, Pella and Pofadder) that fall within a 50km radius of the project site. The project was awarded preferred bidder status under the South African Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Programme (REIPPPP) bid window 4 in 2015 and reached financial close in 2018.

This facility consists of 140,640 single axis tracking polycrystalline silicon PV modules and covers 110 hectares. The project reached its commercial operations date in July 2020 and generates 117 GWh annually, enough to cover the electricity needs of around 20,000 households.  Generated power is being fed into the local grid and sold through a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement with the national utility company, Eskom.

Like all of BTE Renewables’ power generating facilities in South Africa, a portion of the revenue made from the plant will be earmarked for Socio Economic Development (SED) and enterprise development (EnD) initiatives in the areas around the project site, for the next twenty years.


46 MW

140,640 Modules

110 Hectares

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