Skills transfer programme upskills youth and boosts economy

Having identified a niche skills gap in rural communities across the three Cape provinces relating to photography and videography, a youth development programme has been launched to upskill a group of 15 youths.  These young people are benefitting from specialised training courses, aimed at upskilling unemployed youth, and boosting small businesses in the multimedia space.

Due to a lack of skills and higher education qualifications identified amongst the youth in the areas surrounding their Western Cape, Northern Cape and Eastern Cape renewable energy projects, BTE Renewables has funded this 12-month-long programme, which provides courses in these visual arts.

Ayanda Nontyi, one of the programme’s beneficiaries, has a dream of owning a media company and giving back to her community in the future.

“Through this programme, I have learned a great deal and acquired skills that will serve me well in the future. This course has given me a greater sense of confidence when it comes to operating cameras. The high-quality equipment and technology that we are exposed to has helped me to gain the necessary experience to apply for jobs in the media industry,” she said.

Implemented and facilitated by Phanda Studios, a Johannesburg-based multimedia company, the course covers topics such as scriptwriting, storyboard, directing, camera: in-depth technical settings, video, and photo editing techniques, as well as practical training. This includes a course on business management techniques and compliance.

In addition to this, the students are receiving a monthly stipend to cover their transport, data, and other expenses. When the programme concludes at the end of the year, equipment will be provided to the participants to assist in the start-up of their enterprises.

“It is our hope that by the end of this programme, the candidates will be able to form their own companies and market their services to the community.” concluded Libby Hirshon, Sustainability Director at BTE Renewables.


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